Nature Sightings

Below are postings of nature sightings that have been reported to us throughout Harvard. If you have an interesting sighting or a picture you would like to share, please send it to us at:  We look forward to your photos!

Leucistic Red Tailed Hawk  Submitted by Suzanne Buell

Suzanne has been monitoring this leucistic (white-feathered) hawk for eight years.
If anyone has information on this bird, please let us know at

A Bluebird Visits the Williams Land  
Submitted by Robin Bedell

bluebird 1

bluebird 2

View from Black Pond
 Submitted by Robin Right

Black Pond

More Mushrooms . . .  We need your help.  Do you know what kind of mushrooms these are? Please let us know at

mushrooms 4

mushroom 3

Submitted by Robin Right


And More Fall Color 

 autumn leaves 5

autumn leaves 4 

 Submitted by Robin Right

Fall Colors Harvard Style  
Submitted by Robin Right

autumn leaves 1

autumn leaves 2


autumn leaves 3


Mushroom Identification.  Do you know what kind of mushrooms these are? Please let us know at


Submitted by Robin Right

A Pot of Gold in Bare Hill Pond? - 
Submitted by Robin Right

  rainbow 1

rainbow 2

rainbow 3

 rainbow 4


Lunchtime at the Feeder - Submitted by Robin Right

hummingbird 1

hummingbird 3

hummingbird 2


Baby House Finches - Submitted by Robin Right

Baby house finces


A second, smaller bobcat makes an appearance on South Shaker Road

smaller bobcat

Submitted by Ron Kusner

A new sailor in town...these images of a Great Blue Heron were shot at Harvard town beach after a successful evening of fishing.

blue heron 1 


blue heron 2

 Submitted by Robin Right


Pink among the white at Carlson Orchards

apple blossoms

Submitted by Robin Right

Bobcat on Shaker Road  - 
submitted by Faith Cross

bobcat on shaker road

Bobcat on South Shaker Road  - Submitted by Margaret Kusner


Redback Salamander on driveway.  Several of them were living under a stack of firewood on the asphalt.  

 dwarf salamander

Submitted by George Snyder


Pileated Woodpecker submitted by George Snyder

  pileated woodpecker


Submitted by Laura Andrews

Venus over Bare Hill Pond
submitted by Robin Right

Snapping Turtle nesting on a Beaver Lodge
submitted by Molly Cutler

Prints of Deer Sleeping in Snow -
submitted by Sarah and Chole Pyne

A snow covered Beaver lodge - thanks to blizzard NEMO
submitted by Molly Cutler

A Momma fox and her kits were seen on Bolton Road
submitted by Ralph Fehlberg

A Fisher was recently treed in Harvard
sent in by Molly Cutler

A Muskrat Lodge off Stow Road
sent in by Molly Cutler

Juvenile Cedar Waxwings were spotted in Harvard.
submitted by Becca Day Newsham

A Bluebird wintered over on St. John Lane in Harvard.
submitted by Dave Guy

A Red Fox
Taken by Susan Johnson


A Barred Owl owlet
Taken by Dorothy Solbrig


Kids help to tame a Boa Constrictor at the library
during a "Snakes!" presentation by Rick Roth on May 15th, 2011.

 Beaver Activity at Oxbow National Wildlife Refuge;
taken during HCT's annual New Year's Day 2011 walk

An Albino (Leucistic) Junco at a feeder; submitted by Molly Cutler

Great Horned Owl and baby; submitted by Haley Newsham








This blue-headed vireo was sighted in Harvard.
Blue Headed Verio