Nature Sightings

Below are postings of nature sightings that have been reported to us throughout Harvard. If you have an interesting sighting or a picture you would like to share, please send it to us at:  We look forward to your photos!

Submitted by Laura Andrews

Venus over Bare Hill Pond
submitted by Robin Right

Snapping Turtle nesting on a Beaver Lodge
submitted by Molly Cutler

Prints of Deer Sleeping in Snow -
submitted by Sarah and Chole Pyne

A snow covered Beaver lodge - thanks to blizzard NEMO
submitted by Molly Cutler

A Momma fox and her kits were seen on Bolton Road
submitted by Ralph Fehlberg

A Fisher was recently treed in Harvard
sent in by Molly Cutler

A Muskrat Lodge off Stow Road
sent in by Molly Cutler

Juvenile Cedar Waxwings were spotted in Harvard.
submitted by Becca Day Newsham

A Bluebird wintered over on St. John Lane in Harvard.
submitted by Dave Guy

A Red Fox
Taken by Susan Johnson


A Barred Owl owlet
Taken by Dorothy Solbrig


Kids help to tame a Boa Constrictor at the library
during a "Snakes!" presentation by Rick Roth on May 15th, 2011.

 Beaver Activity at Oxbow National Wildlife Refuge;
taken during HCT's annual New Year's Day 2011 walk

An Albino (Leucistic) Junco at a feeder; submitted by Molly Cutler

Great Horned Owl and baby; submitted by Haley Newsham

This blue-headed vireo was sighted in Harvard.Blue Headed Verio